Let’s face it, this year has been hard on everyone. But we’ve also learned that good things are possible when we pull together as a community.

We’re grateful that we were able to help frontline health care workers stay hydrated during the difficult days of 2020 with our Community Hydration Program. Hard-working doctors, nurses and hospital staff across the country have reported huge benefits from drinking RECOVƎR 180° during their long hours of the COVID-19 pandemic, and those same benefits can help hard workers in every field

Throughout the summer, higher than ever temperatures made it difficult for the hard working professionals who earn their living outside or in hot manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Just like world-class athletes Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Yelich, who depend on RECOVƎR 180° to help them stay hydrated and perform at the highest level, these workers can rely on RECOVƎR 180°s scientific hydration formula to fuel them through long days and complete any tasks at hand.

We visited a boat builder in Boston building a multi-million dollar boat with a team of highly skilled workers. To keep up with new Covid-19 regulations, the team had to spend their two 8 hour shifts per day covered in PPE and battling hot temperatures in the boat yard. Luckily, we were able to step in and help hydrate them with cases of RECOVƎR 180°.

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